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Lior's True Story


Lior's True Story Styleframes

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has shaped American news stories for the last 30 years. With approximately 7 million Jews, 3 million Arab Americans, as well as 3.3 million people who identify as Muslim in the US, there is an incumbent audience with emotional ties to this global issue. Fauda being one of the first shows to tell these three dimensional stories on both sides, the campaign aimed to captivate people who are ethnically invested, as well as their ethically motivated counterparts.

We all have Fauda, or chaos, in our lives to varying degrees. Whether it’s a physical wall separating our cities or the walls we build ourselves when we try to fit into subcultures in society, we all live in a constant flux of conflict and community. InSync Plus' highlighted this universal truth by creating a campaign that hinged on the the things that bind us as well as the things that divide us- developing compelling yet personalized content. Presenting and leaning into the dichotomous and duplicitous nature of Fauda was the most resonant approach for the messaging. By highlighting the two parties as equals in admats the campaign forced conversation between differing online opinions, all while reinforcing the dual nature of all of the characters and plot lines.

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Produced at InSync Plus
Client: Netflix
Creative Director: Michael Scherrer
Associate Creative Director: Harshit Desai
Design & Animation: Andrew Maas, Jessica Coogan, Laura Berman, Laura Porat
Strategy & Production: Luke McDade, Evan Ponter, Kelly Stock