Art Direction & Design



NETFLIX narcos main title


2016 Primetime Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Main Title Design

A blend of the past and present the Narcos main title combines archival photos and footage shot on location in Colombia and Los Angeles. Authentic photography and video coming from the vaults of Pablo Escobar's personal photographer "El Chino" the piece was extensively researched and developed. A saturated color palette reflects the exorbitance of the drug cartel and the natural beauty of Colombia. The sequence provides a unique take to the  bloody and violent period in the history of the Drug War and The USAs relationship with its southern counterparts. 

Narcos is the true story of U.S. and Colombian efforts in the 1980s to battle the infamous Pablo Escobar and the Medellin drug cartel, one of the richest, most ruthless criminal organizations in the history of modern crime.

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Produced at Digital Kitchen Los Angeles / DK Studios
Client: Gaumont International / Netflix
Creative Director: Tom O’Neill
Production & Design: Harshit Desai
Lead Animator/Compositor: David Badounts
CG/Design Lead: Joshua Smith
Editor: Nik Kleverov
Producer: Paul Makowski
Live Action Producer: Chad Stanley
Executive Producers: Cynthia Biamon & Erica Coates