Art Direction & Design





The teaser for Netflix's Narcos - a conceptual look into the worlds of power powder and geo-politics. Combining high speed live action plates and extensive CG elements with particle and liquids simulations. Creating a moody macro subterranean atmosphere, that sets the tone for the the upcoming series. Delivered in 4K, Narcos is a chronicled look at the criminal exploits of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

Process & Making

One of the most significant elements in the teaser was the cocaine dance. After several experiments the effect was achieved by passing certain audio frequencies through a speaker with a combination of talcum+lycopodium powder on top of it. Shot on the Phantom hi-speed camera. Check out the making of video and some of the pitch frames below.  



Produced at Digital Kitchen Los Angeles / DK Studios
Role: Art Direction, Design & Production