Art Direction & Design


NETFLIX CES 2016- Moments

Utilizing clean bold typography and a contemporary style, moments uses the power of human emotion and reflection to accentuate the data and give a humanistic touch to the stats. People will be captured reacting to entertainment on the television, or perhaps just in a quiet moment of reflection. Capturing these authentic moments shot across the globe will emphasize Netflix's authenticity and the inclusive and multicultural landscape of the user base. Using red overlays of geometric form to accompany the vignettes, they will be playfully animated and used as a continuity device between each section, culminating in a tapestry of form that will resolve us to the final messaging cards. The system also serving as a device for linking the double HD viewing screens on stage. Utilizing the Humanist typeface to emphasize key stats only, information will be peppered in on screen and animate in a linear fashion revealing new moments and reinforcing the keynote points.