Awarded BEST BOARD in Category at The Battle of the Boards  - A 48 hour design challenge by the SCAD Motion Media Department. Team effort with Eddy Nieto.

DRIVE – The Extended Pan

The title of the film is an antithesis in its literal sense and an allegory for its protagonist. An antithesis because it is not about the drive -  but the driver. The film is an open-ended glimpse into his life, which has no attachments, material or social. It narrates a disturbance in this linear and orthodox routine of his. The title sequence progresses through this linearity, introducing the protagonist and his characteristics. 

Motion : The visual is an un-interrupted pan from the left to right. The horizontal layout of the objects in the frames re-affirms the straightforward course being introduced in the beginning of the film.

Color : A heavy contrast blue and crimson colour palette reflects the contradiction between the driver’s calm, composed mental state and the chaos happening around him.

Type : The typeface used is BlairMdITC TT. It is a broad format sans serif typeface again representing the protagonist’s character. The type animation adds some level of controlled distortion.

This title sequence is a visual drive-through into the film.