Art Direction & Design


MTV Live Rebrand

Plugging more music back into its programming Viacom's high definition music network Palladia was relaunched as MTV LIVE. The channel focuses on being an all-access pass to the hottest music, live gigs, concerts and music festivals from around the globe. The concepts below emphasize on creative platforms that would resonate with the MTV LIVE audience, set the network apart, and be inclusive of all the various genres, acts, and styles of music. While there is certainly a nod to classic MTV in places, there is focus on the techniques and ideas that seek to evolve Palladia into the MTV LIVE brand, and look to the future of music.


In a larger than life world of music, MTV LIVE encapsulates the excitement, emotion and visual spectacle of live performance. This concept seeks to capture the small moments of joy, excitement, and passion that are omnipresent at any live venue. The clap of hands. The shoes of festival goers jumping from the ground. The wide open mouth of a screaming singer. Taking influence from the unfinished sculptures of Michelangelo, the idea combines high detail photogrammetry scans of macro moments, creating digital vignettes that are always animated to the pulse of music. Starting from digital substrate, the visuals come alive to form abstracted detailed forms of the subject matter. Liquids and other digitally generated materials are mapped with a a spectrum of color to create a living, beautifully detailed, hypnotic, vibrant world. The vignettes resolve allowing space for highly ownable looks that frame station IDs or programming information.


Produced at Digital Kitchen Los Angeles / DK Studios
Client: VH1/MTV
Creative Director: Tom O’Neill & Derich Wittliff
Production & Design: Joshua Smith, Harshit Desai, Michael Scherrer, Peter Pak, Andrew Maas, Andrew Rahn
Producer: Paul Makowski