Art Direction & Design

The Lost Note

The Lost Note


The film follows a young musician's journey to find something which he had never lost in the first place.

MFA Thesis film produced at the Savannah College of Art & Design.

All sound effects sourced from
Music from The Karate Kid (2010) by James Horner


The idea for the film was born out of an illustration in my sketch book. It was titled 'He lost his music'. The sketch gave way to a recurring visual of a character walking through the woods and the negative space between the trees resembling the notes of a piano. Initial concept art, storyboards and character designs slowly followed. The PS3 game, Journey was a big inspiration for the look and film of the film.



The detailed story boards were made by the extremely talented; Jackie Roche. The shots and camera angles envisioned for the film were penned down (and made better) by her. Along with some more concept art.